Four hectares of olive groves, a vineyard that has grown with the passing of the years and a production of Japanese camellias, reproduced from the ancient cultivar of the ‘800s present in the park. This and much more is the agricultural and touristic farm Alle Camelie, that distinguishes itself for sustainability and organic agriculture.

Alle Camelie Alle Camelie was born from my father’s Augusto idea, who in the ‘80s wanted to keep alive the Villa Orsi estate, always been in our family, transforming it in an Agriturismo. My love for these places and the passion for agricultural work did the rest. Since the beginning, the farm, today managed by my family and me, along with our cook Elena, has always wanted to preserve our territory artistic and cultural heritage – just think of the terrace farming, the canals of the ‘700s to contain the waters with dry walls, the caves – as well as naturalistic heritage, with the great flora and fauna biodiversity that we try to maintain, among other things, introducing edges and bushes.

Organic agriculture, energy saving and sustainable development, are the real mission of the farm. Besides healthy, good and nutritious products (with no chemical residues), we compost our humid kitchen waste and the chipped trimmings from plants, using them as fertilizer. Also our oil mill waste produces fertilizer and olive stone, a great fuel for heaters. We try to use renewable energy sources, we have a wood burning furnace and solar panels for the production of electricity and hot water. Among the staff of the farm, the two sheep, that besides keeping the olive grove clean also produce fertilizer. in the agritourism we use all environmentally friendly soaps and detergents of 100% vegetable origin, from organic agriculture, non toxic and biodegradable.

We believe that the only possible development for the future is respecting the environment that surrounds us. The agriturismo offers bedrooms and apartments for whoever desires a peaceful and relaxing stay with slow food culinary events thanks to our cook Elena, using our organic products or purchasing from local farms.