The extra virgin olive oil that we produce is high quality. The groves are at about 150-250 mt above sea level with olive tree varieties such as Frantoio 70%, Leccino 20%, Pendolino e Moraiolo for the remaining 10%. The harvest is at the end of October and during the month of November, before and after the colour change of the olives. Our oil mill is within the farm, with controlled temperatures and the machine working with a vacuum. This allows us to process the olives within 24h of the harvest, limiting the oxidation and the overheating during the processing. The oil is medium fruity with bitter and spicy notes. It is preserved in steel containers away from sunlight at a temperature of 11-18 °C. It is possible to purchase the oil in bottles of 0.750 lt, 0.250lt, or in cans of 3 and 5 lt.